Civil Law, specifically

• drafting and reviewing of contracts, deeds, regulations and legal acts
• preparing and service of commercial transactions
• debt securing, personal or material, tailored to the specifics of the activity and the individual situation of the client
• debt collecting (pre-court, court and enforced debt collection)
• claiming for damages, also against insurer, traffic compensation, medical compensation
• law on succession

Criminal Law, specifically

• defence in criminal cases
• defence in penal fiscal liability cases
• auxiliary prosecution

Family Law, specifically

• divorce
• alimony
• custody

Commercial Law – legal service for entrepreneurs, companies law
Labour Law – individual approach both from the employer’s and employee’s perspective

Administrative Law – representing in proceedings before authorities, administrative courts and National Administrative Court

Tax Law – advising on tax problems, representing in proceedings before tax authorities, as well as tax proceedings before administrative courts, defence in penal fiscal liability cases

Real Estate – evaluating of legal status, transaction preparing